Microscopic preparation of amber


This website describes the tools for shaping – cutting and polishing – of the miniature objects that are difficult to handle with human fingers – ranging from 5 to 0.5 mm or even less. Creating these devices, was part of our learning to prepare the samples of amber containing inclusions (fossilized imprints) of the ancient arthropods – mites and insects – for microscopy. Each of the devices has evolved while we tried to reduce its deficiencies and implement new ideas. The site shows not only solutions used by us at present, but also the intermediate steps which can be easier to implement or more appropriate for your needs.

Some of the devices were built using a specialized equipment, such as a CNC milling machine. It is very likely that in many cases the same result can be achieved with simpler means. Herein, we mostly share the ideas and describe designs in general. The particular techical designs are also available from us upon request on the same terms as the content of this site.

We are very grateful to the "OpenScience" company for comprehensive technical support in the realization of our ideas.

Human fingers are not precise enough

to handle samples of this size

Size of a polished amber sample

is shown compared to the tip of a toothpick


are necessary for preparing tiny amber samples